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Check out some great books and help the site! I have chosen these books as among the best to illustrate this subject.

Roman Bookstore

Books... most historical buffs have huge libraries and this period deserves no less... Many of these books are directly useful to the reenactor (so sue me), not having so much emphasis on rusted bits of metal and their interpretation as others do. Scholarly works are fine, but not always the best for a true feeling of the period, nor for learning.

And yeah, the military part is "Osprey-heavy"... why? Because they serve a good purpose; not only to give one a good grounding, but also to interest those who are new to the period.

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We're going to have a new bookstore system soon, so I'm not going to add a lot more of these manually. IF you have the frigging ad-blocker program installed, you won't see many of them, as amazon's code for books and widgets (which we are going away from and using straight links), uses "iframes" and ad blocker just strips them out. Sorry to be so rude, but we try to make this as great as we can for our visitors. We have a few ads and we try to make them unobtrusive, but when you use ad-blocker, it hurts the site. We don't make the crazy money you'd expect, so this pittance is needed. Anyway, it detracts from the site... We post a lot of books and things that we think our visitors will find interesting and it not only strips out the ads, it strips out the books. Not cool. If you have ad-blocker, please hit the little "stop sign" button and tell it to allow ads on We don't want to have to add code to block browsers with this software :-o

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