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Roman Calendar - expanded

Roman calendar
Calendar text

Despite the similarity between the modern calendar and the Roman calendar, the latter is harder to understand due to the manner in which the days are designated.

Whereas we number our months from from 1 to 28, 29 30 or 31, the Romans gave days letters and counted the days in an upward fashion to the middle of the month, then down towards the end.

Calendar detailThe days of each month were identified by certain letters and names that designated the purpose of the day, or it's position in the month.

Kalend Kalends The first day fo the month
A Nundinae Counters of days of the week. 'A' meant that was a market day.
Nones Nones Usually the 5th - 7th.
Ides Ides The middle of the month, Usually the 13th - 15th day.
F Dies fasti Any legal procedings or voting took place on this day.
N Dies nefasti No legal proceedings or voting allowed on these days.
FERA Feriae Designating a festival day.
EN - Endotercisus - also Intercisus Days when the mornings and afternoons had different designations.

FP & NP - Designated religious festivals of which no record survives

The remaining letters signify holidays or events schedlued

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