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I’ll be completely honest with you — some of the links that you will find on RiB will take you to where you will get more information about the product, preview it in the case of some books, and buy one for yourself. With very rare exception, all of the products are ones that I’ve personally purchased, used, and would buy again. I won’t recommend anything to you that I wouldn’t want myself. If you place an order with Amazon after going there from this site, I will earn a small commission — a pittance really, less than a buck in almost all cases.

I hope you're not going to be offended by this, as it's a way that you can help support this RiB in a monetary, but convenient way. Anyway, it's not like you won't get something. Amazon sells great stuff and the things I reccomend are pertinant to the site and page — whether books on the subject or food ingredients, etc. Occasionally amazon guesses at what to put in the ads. If you don't like their guess, tell them.

Another way is to reblog this site or link to it on other sites that you visit or make. This should be be a win-win situation for both of us. You will get a good product at a good price delivered to your door and Amazon will tip me for sending you their way. It won’t cost you anything extra. My commission is not added to the cost of the product. It comes out of Amazon’s profit. So if you enjoy reading this website, why not support it at the same time? If you already use Amazon, you know they’re the best at what they do and it’s hard to go wrong with them.

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Note: If you're some anarchist, anti-governmental, anti-captialist type, just leave my site now. The Romans would not have been amused with you and would have tacked your worthless carcass up onto a cross. Yes, I said it, if you're offended, go away. Don't go away mad — just go away.
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