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Hadrian's Wall

This area of Romans in Britain covers Roman sites, museums and attractions located in the United Kingdom. Most are still open, but some have reduced hours or days open due to the covid and such. Please patronize them and check out the true Romanly goodness that they offer.

This area has taken years to get back to a level of decent-ness and I really must thank my good friend Joe Murray of Baltimore, Maryland, USA for encouraging me, proof-reading and asking questions. AND, on that note, without the advice of another great friend, Randall Chapman, I got the coding problems there fixed — he's a wizard. I just can use it, but he's great. Last, I really must thank my friend, Chris Wilman for her proofing help too. No mattr what I do, I always have typos to catch. So, if you see something amiss on any of the Romans in Britain website, PLEASE let me know at

The landscape and culture of Iron Age Britain changed dramatically when the Romans arrived in AD43. Considered to be a peripheral colony of the great Roman Empire, the invaders soon put their unmistakable stamp on the sprawling chaos of iron-age settlements. 25 planned towns were created, legionary fortresses were strategically placed around the country, and long straight roads were laid down to provide ease of communication between the military outposts. Later, in the north, the massive Hadrian's Wall was constructed to define the limit of Roman rule, and in the southern part of the country, hundreds of villas were constructed during the 360 years of Roman occupation.

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There are many Roman sites in the United Kingdom that are open to the public. Many of these sites that do not require special access, including Roman roads, and sites that have not been uncovered. Others though, do cost some money and often you get what you pay for.

Something to note: We no longer list costs or hours of operation for any of these venues. These attactions and venues all have websites that, in turn, list and it's always best to check THEIR site for this information, as (with all things on the 'Net) information changes rapidly.
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Roman Baths

Attractions around Britain

Britain Roman sites constitute an integral part of the major tourist attractions of the country. While most Roman ruins of Britain are supervised by English Heritage, some of the sites are administered by National Trust. The Roman sites of Britain are scattered all over the country. The Britain Roman sites are found in places like Avon, Glasgow, Scotland, Wiltshire, West Midlands, Somerset, London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Cumbria, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Wales, West Sussex, Tyne and Wear, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Isle of Wright, Gwynedd, Dorset, and Cheshire.

The list below are some of the places where a Roman museum or site can be found. If a link is present for any site, there is a page that gives more information about the site.

And, of course, we have pages for these sites located in the menu to the left. Some are in a state of needing update. Something to work for. IF, you are in the UK and come across any of the little booklets these sites sell about their site, we'd sure like a copy of them — helps us to fill out our pages on them.



Huntingdon Museum


  • The Norris Museum
    The Broadway
    St. Ives
    PE27 5BX
    Bob Burn-Murdoch
  • Tel: 01480 497314


Deva Roman Experience


Tullie House Museum


  • Tullie House Museum
    Castle Street
    CA3 8TP
  • Tel: 01228 534781
  • Fax : 01228 810249



  • Sherborne Museum
    Abbey Gate House
    DT9 3BP
  • Tel: 01935 812252


Tombstone of Dannicus


Segontium Roman fort and museum


Letchworth museum
Verulamium Museum
Welwyn Roman Baths


  • Site address:
    Welwyn Roman Baths
    Welwyn By-Pass
  • Contact address:
    Welwyn Hatfield Museum Service
    Mill Green Museum and Mill
    Mill Green
    AL9 5PD
  • Website:
  • Tel: 01707 271362
  • Fax: 01707 272511

Isle of Wight

Newport Roman Villa


Canterbury in Roman times


  • Site address:
    Canterbury Roman Museum
    Butchery Lane
  • Tel: 01227 785575
  • Fax: 01227 45504
  • Contact address:
    Canterbury Museum Office
    High Street
    CT1 2RA
  • Website:
  • Tel: 01227 452747
  • Fax: 01227 455047

Lullinstome Roman Villa


  • Lullingstone Roman Villa
    Lullingstone Lane
    DA4 0JA
  • Website:
  • Tel: 01322 863467
  • Fax: 01322 86346

Roman Painted House

Crofton Roman villa


  • Site address:
    Crofton Roman villa
    Crofton Road
  • or Bromley Museum
    tel: 01869 873826
  • Contact address:
    Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit
    5 Harvest Bank Road
    West Wickham
    BR4 9DL
  • Website: Bromley Museum
  • Tel: 020 8462 4737
  • Fax: 020 8462 473



North Yorkshire

Tolson Museum

Malton Museum


closed image

Tyne and Wear

West Midlands

Lunt Roman fort

West Sussex

Bignor Roman Villa


  • Bignor Roman Villa
    RH20 1PH
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Tel: 01798 869259
  • Fax: 01798 869259




Kinneil Museum and Fortlet

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