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Crofton Roman villa

About the Orpington Crofton Roman villa

In 1926, local workmen were constructing driveways for the new council offices when they chanced upon a discovery of ancient relics and stone works. The excavation that followed unearthed a Roman villa which dated back to AD140. The excavation was never completed and the site was left to become overgrown. It was not until 1988 that the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit took up the site and excavated as much as they could. Working alongside Bromley Council, they managed to make the site into what it is today.

From records and investigations, it is apparent that the villa was in use and extensively altered until about AD400 and that it was the centre of a farming estate of about 500 acres. It is estimated that it had at least 20 rooms.

Useful information

  • Free parking provided
  • Picnic area provided
  • Wheelchair access

Activities at the villa

Much work has been done to provide more than just a place to visit. Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit have organised many activities for the visitor to take part in. These include:

  • Guided talks by archaeologists.
  • A taped commentary about the villa.
  • A graphic display of the 1988 excavations.
  • A 'Hands on' area where actual finds can be examined.
  • Roman soldiers 'rubbings'. Small figures of various ranks of Roman soldier
    (10p charge per rubbing)
  • Two larger brasses of a Roman auxiliary and gladiator (50p)
  • Mosaic making. Trays with coloured 'tesserae' and patterns for mosaic making.
  • Booklets for children, including activity pictures to colour.
  • Roman games.
  • Dressing up as Romans.
  • Young Archaeologists' Day Join the Roman Villa Trail

More for the children

There is no doubt that a lot of thought and hard work has gone into making Crofton a treat to visit.F or 5-12 year olds (Must be accompanied by an adult) BUZZ Activity Sessions

  • Investigate the villa-house
  • Wash and draw Roman finds
  • Play Roman games
  • Make mosaics
  • Do a Roman Villa Trail Quiz — will you get a Villa Certificate?
  • Roman fashions at the villa — Dress as Romans


  • Contact address
    Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit
    5 Harvest Bank Road
    West Wickham
    BR4 9DL
  • Site address
    Crofton Roman villa
    Crofton Road
    (adjacent Orpington Railway station)
  • Tel: 020 8462 4737
  • Fax: 020 8462 4737
  • or Bromley Museum
    01689 873826
  • Website:

Crofton gallery

Artists impression of
Crofton Roman villa
1988 excavations
Crofton Roman villa interior

My thanks to Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit, Bromley Council
and especially Edna Mynott for their help in constructing this page
All photographs used ©Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit and Bromley Council
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