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The Scottish Situation Worsens


In 178 AD., the current governor Antistius Adventus may have been replaced by Caerellius. This is uncertain as are records for this period. All that we do know is that the Scots were on the warpath. Dio writes that they had crossed the wall, killing a general and his troops. With two walls existing, Hadrian's and Antoninus, if must had been Hadrian's, since the Antonine frontier had been abandoned by this time.

A new governor was appointed by the Emperor. M. Antius Crescens Calpurnianus, who was soon replaced by Ulpius Marcellus. The last of these was well known for his attitude to discipline and moral standing. His first action was to order a powerful counter attack on the barbarians to drive them back across the wall. During this revolt, the forts north of Hadrian's Wall at Birrens, Newstead, Risingham, Cappuck and High Rochester had been abandoned by the Romans or captured by the Scots. Either way, they were not reoccupied after this war, which leads us to think the Romans did not have any interest in taking Scotland. They probably just wanted to keep the northern tribes out of Roman territory. However, this caused unrest in the towns south of the border as the Scots had managed to breach the wall that was believed to be impregnable.

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